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AceKayaking RT @CanoeKayakMag: World Class Academy students step up their game on the Marsyandi River, Nepal.
AceKayaking @rivermedic171 They also make great pillows
AceKayaking Today is the 1st day in almost 2 weeks ive not kayaked. Im actually stoked... im so far behind on life outside of kayaking. "The fake world"
AceKayaking @eatsnacksrelax Its a great way to live:)
AceKayaking RT @eatsnacksrelax: Man. It's a beautiful thang to wake up and not dread workin 🤗
AceKayaking @eatsnacksrelax and lunch... and diner
AceKayaking RT @WatershedLLC: If in doubt, take the leap! We've been waiting for this Waterfall Wednesday all week! 📷 @dylanmckinney (IG) #wednesdaywis
AceKayaking @h2odreams perfect practice haha
AceKayaking RT @JoeJacobi: I just published “Do You Seek To Be Praised? Or Called Out?”

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