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Come enjoy the excitement and accomplishment of earning the Whitewater and/or kayaking  Merit Badge with Ace Kayaking. Ace kayaking is the premiere kayaking school licensed on the Ocoee River. Our one-day Merit Badge program focuses on teamwork and in addition to our instructors being ACA certified, they are all professional kayakers also. It doesn’t matter if scouts are paddling in  high performance funyaks or in traditional whitewater kayaks, they always have a blast working together to get down the river!

”From an early age Scouting played a major roll in my life. Not only did it introduce me to many of the skills I depend upon in my work and Travels, but it also instilled in me the desire to explore and push myself to higher levels. I place the blame for my taste in adventure and will to “cheerfully serve others” all on Scouting.

-Ace Kayaking Owner, Instructor, and Eagle Scout Joseph Gudger

Ace Funyak’s six-hour program does not just teach scouts how to kayak, but it encourages scouts to pursue kayaking. The day begins with classroom learning followed by flat-water practice and then climaxes with funyaking parts of the exciting Middle Ocoee River, or some whitewater kayaking on class I II.

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Since our founding fifteen years ago Ace Funyaks has provided outstanding service with an impeccable safety record. We are permitted by the USDA, Forest Service, and the Tennessee Valley Authority to provide kayak instruction on the Ocoee River. Our 3:1 student to instructor ratio is unsurpassed. All instructions are led by owner and merit badge counselor Joe Gudger, and guided by the standards of the American Canoe Association.

Pricing: $89 per participant. We encourage parents to attend, and be sure to ask about our two-day program which allows scouts to earn the Kayaking Award the second day.


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